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Cassidy Ingram


Cassidy grew up in Colorado constantly surrounded by animals.  Since moving to New York she has become passionate about helping all dogs live their best life!  In addition to training companion dogs, Cassidy trains dogs for live theatre, and volunteers for local rescues. 


When she's not training dogs she is hanging out with her two beautiful pups!  She adopted her baby Moon, a fuzzy lovable cock-a-poo, in August of 2016 from the ACC, and she adopted the newest member of her family Lenny, a three-legged stray from Puerto Rico, in 2018 from AMA. 


Clients appreciate Cassidy’s playful nature, her loving devotion to the dogs, and her incredible energy! 


Cassidy is certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. 



Scott is a native New Yorker, since he grew up on the Upper West Side Scott knows all the best places for your pup to explore on their walks in the city and parks.

Scott had family dogs as a kid but didn't discover his true passion for them until he met his now girlfriend Cassidy and became the co owner of Lenny and Moon. Scott grew to love working with dogs so much he left his job of 8 years to help run our daycare and boarding programs.

Along with his passion for dogs Scott is an avid runner and has completed the TCS NYC Marathon, The Bronx 10 Mile, and The Fred Lebow Half with more races to come. 




Kim has lived in Queens her entire life, she grew up with all different animals including 4 cats, 2 dogs, a bunny, a chinchilla, and an African Grey Parrot.


She began professionally working with dogs five years ago when she started pet sitting and walking dogs in her area. She officially started as a daycare handler at AKC 4 years ago and began studying dog psychology.

Kim has two pups of her own, a 1.5 year old Shiba Inu named BEAN and a 13 year old Puggle named MAX.  



Lily is originally from Wisconsin. She grew up with all different types of family pets including fish, hamsters, dogs, and a turtle. She worked as a dog groomer in Wisconsin for 3 years until she decided to move to New York with her sister. 

Along with her love of animals Lily has always been passionate about makeup and music. She took advanced music classes all throughout school and plays the violin, piano, drums, timpani, chimes, and guitar. 

Lily doesn't currently have a dog at home but she does have 20+ plants of all sizes. 




Cece was born and raised in Brooklyn. Her family had their own little zoo growing up. You could find everything from rom hermit crabs to love birds and lizards living in the house. 

Cece started working with dogs at just 14 years old when she began volunteering with Sean Casey Animal Rescue as a dog walker in her free time. She then interned at the wild bird fun and began taking zoology and animal behavior classes in school. 

Cece began working in doggy daycares last year and has been loving it ever since. She is focusing on dog handling and training while she works towards her goal of becoming a zookeepers assistant. 

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