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Aggressive Dog Training: How to Help Your Pet overcome Aggression

Dealing with an aggressive dog can be challenging as well as dangerous, but the good news there are steps you can take to help your dog overcome their aggression. A veterinarian or a professional dog trainer with experience in aggression can help you determine the cause of your dog's aggression and provide guidance on how to address it. You can then take steps on your own to correct the behavior or take your dog to a special camp or daycare where she can be provided with proper obedience training and advanced aggressive dog training.

The first step is to determine what triggers your dog's aggressive behavior, such as strangers, other animals, or specific situations. You can make changes to the environment to minimize your dog's exposure to their triggers, and make use of positive reinforcement techniques, such as treats and praise, to teach your dog alternative behaviors and to reward calm behavior.

Another tip is to gradually expose your dog to their triggers in a controlled environment while providing positive reinforcement for calm behavior. This can help change their association with the trigger from negative to positive.

In some cases, accomplished dog training Upper West Side area experts affirm that medication may be recommended by your vet to help manage the underlying anxiety or other issues causing the aggression.

It can take time for your dog to overcome their aggression, so be patient and consistent in your efforts. You have to remember, of course, that aggression can be a dangerous behavior and it is crucial to work with a professional to manage it and prevent any harm to yourself, other people or animals.


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