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Group vs Individual Dog Training - Pros & Cons

In case you intend on having your dog trained, you may want to find out whether group training is better than individual dog training. And, of course, the answer would be that both of these two options have their own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if you need aggressive dog training, this should probably start with individual dog training and then to follow with group dog training.

If you own a puppy, group training is more recommended, because younger dogs need to socialize more in order to acquire the right manners. Playtime, which is moderated by a professional trainer in a group class, is something which cannot be obtained through individual training.

As it has been suggested above, for dogs with certain behavioral issues, private lessons would make more sense. A major pro of private classes is the fact that you can be more flexible in terms of scheduling. Nevertheless, this may sometimes result in the fact that there is too much of a time gap between classes for your dog to make real progress.

Another con that individual classes have is that they tend to be more expensive than group training sessions. At any rate, you can ask for advice from the experts at, Cassidy Ingram Dog Training. They offer a wide range of high quality care and services to cater to the needs of dogs and owners.


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