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Obedience Training Secrets Revealed: Expert Tips and Tricks

Dogs can be naughty, which is why obedience dog training upper west side professionals can significantly help. Experts can provide valuable tricks and tips to turn a mischievous dog into a more obedient one.

Here are some of the tips and tricks for training dogs:

First of all, you need to offer treats that are considered highly valuable by your dog. To do that, you need to explore your pet’s most preferred foods, which can be an enjoyable process for you both. If you want to teach your dog new behaviors, you must always carry a bag of your pet’s favorite treats and use that as an incentive.

For instance, most puppies jump on a stranger when they are happy about meeting a new person, something that most people find unpleasant. The trick here is to ask your dog to sit, offer them some good treats, and then tell the other person to pet your dog while it is sitting.

Always remember that training cannot be done if you are in a park, a crowded area, or when you are interacting with other people. In other words, you need to find a quiet, boring place to do the training if you want it to be efficient.


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