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The Basics of Puppy Training and What It Entails

Bringing home a new puppy can be a very happy moment. There are so many things for you to enjoy together, and so many things to teach your new friend. In fact, puppy training is extremely important for developing a good relationship with your dog, which you can benefit from for years on end.

And it goes without saying that every single interaction you actually have with your puppy is a form of training. There are many household manners, house training activities and other important things that your doggy will learn from you and the professional trainers you decide on hiring.

Basically, according to trainers offering puppy classes in the Upper West Side, puppies learn to do what works best for them, what brings them rewards such as treats, toys, attention, and also the opportunity to explore, sniff and run. If the puppy understands that, by doing the requested action, there will certainly be something positive in store for him/her, then he/she will be motivated to do that action again.

First of all, you need to analyze a bit what you would want your puppy to know, namely things like potty training, what to do when your puppy sees another dog or a human, how to respond to veterinary care or dog grooming, etc.


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