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My puppy is not fully vaccinated, can they still attend Puppy Socials?

  • ​Yes!  All puppies in our puppy socials are under 5 months old, this is to ensure they are all as close to the same vaccination schedule as possible and have the same play styles.  In order to ensure a safe germ free environment the room is cleaned before and after all sessions.

My dog is occasionally reactive can I still join a group class?

  • Not right away.  If your dog struggles with any kind of dog or human reactivity you have to start with private sessions so our trainers can evaluate them properly before setting you on the best training path.

Why do dogs over 6 months have to be spayed or neutered to  join group classes?

  • In a group setting we have to take the safety and productivity of the entire class into consideration.  Unfixed animals can cause other dogs to get over excited and disrupt class. 

Why are there age restrictions for agility classes?

  • In agility there are certain movements, exercises and techniques that puppies and young dogs shouldn’t attempt before they’re fully grown.  Puppies’ bones are soft, and their growth plates are open until they’ve finished growing – so overexerting them or encouraging dangerous movements can cause permanent and severe damage.  However it's never too early to start preparing your puppy for agility!  Work on their focus, impulse control, and basic skills so they are ready to take on the distractions of the agility world when they are old enough.

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