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Dog and Puppy Walker


We offer two types of dog walks:
Group Pack Walks and Private Solo Adventures.

To register your dog for their first walk, email us at or call/text (646) 328-6374.


Pack Walks

Exercise, Socialization, and Relief

Our walks are offered in packs of up to 4 dogs. Your pup's 3 pack-mates are hand picked by our team from our other walking and daycare guests to form a cohesive pack with matching walking preferences.

No slowpokes holding back your high-energy pup's morning exercise, and no excitable puppies disrupting your senior dog's afternoon stroll.

All walking guests must first have a Test Day or Test Walk to gauge their walking preferences and sociability.

Our regular service area for pack walks is 76th street to 83rd street on the Upper West Side. This area may be extended slightly for clients who are located directly North or South of us on Broadway.

Each 60 minute Pack Walk is scheduled in a 90 minute window. The extra 30 minutes is to allow our dog walker time to gather up and drop off all the other dogs in the pack. This window may be placed at the start and/or end of your dog's reservation, depending on their position on the pack's route.

Test Walks are 1 hour walks to assess your dog for pack walks.

Test Days are 6 hour daycare stays to assess your dog for pack walks, daycare, and boarding.

To register your dog for their test, plese email us at or call/text (646) 328-6374.



60-minute Pack Walk: $30

Test Walk: $40

Test Day: $85

Multiple dogs from the same household on the same pack walk will receive a $5 discount per dog.

All dog walking and dog daycare services are subject to sales tax

Solo Adventure Park Playtime.jpg

Solo Adventures

Private Dog Walks, Special Activities, and in-home Wellness Checks

Our Solo Adventures are private 30 or 60 minute reservations between our dog walker and your dog.

We do not chain together or overlap our Solo Adventures. Your dog will have our walker's full attention for the entirety of their reservation.

Solo Adventures are perfect for dogs that need or want more special attention or who may be too reactive or energetic for pack walks. Each Solo Adventure is customized to your dog and can include activities such as:

  • Long leash park trips for high-energy exercise

  • Coffee shop visits for special snacks

  • Exploratory walks through parks

  • In-home wellness checks for senior or sick dogs

Our service area for Solo Adventures is between Riverside and Amsterdam from 70th Street to 86th Street. If you are interested in Solo Adventures, but are outside this range, we encourage you to let us know so we know which directions to expand as we hire and train more talented walkers.

All Solo Adventures include a 15 minute buffer window to allow our walker travel time between reservations.

To register your dog for their first Solo Adventure,  email us at or call/text (646) 328-6374.

Solo Adventure Tired.JPG
Solo Adventure Zuna Long Leash 2.jpeg


30-minute Solo Adventure: $45

60-minute Solo Adventure: $70

For households with multiple dogs, the entire household can share a single reservation for no additional charge.

All walking and daycare services are subject to sales tax

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