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Your Best Friend Deserves The Best

Experienced Dog Trainers & Caregivers - Affordable & Dependable


We offer a wide range of services to cater to the needs of dogs and their owners, including obedience and behavioral training, dog daycare, overnight dog boarding, and walks.

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We provide top-notch dog services

catered to all your dog’s needs.

Our first priority at Cassidy Ingram Dog Training is personalization. All dogs are different, so we don't teach our team to handle any dog. We train them to care for each and every dog.

We write our private training plans specifically for each training client's individual needs. We customize daycare and boarding activities based on your dog's preferences. The members for our pack walks are hand-picked by our daycare handlers who personally know each dog's walking style, and our solo adventures (private walks) are specialized to make any day your dog's best day ever.

For dogs residing in the Upper West Side, we are conveniently located on 79th street, between Broadway and West End Ave, in the Apthorp building. For dogs that can't make it to our daycare, we offer dog walking services in the UWS near our facility, and our private trainers can travel the entire UWS and UES for in-home private dog training.


Whether you want to keep your dog active and entertained, find reliable day and night care, or connect with an experienced trainer, our services cater to all dogs, from puppies to seniors.


Visit our website to explore our extensive training and dog care options. To schedule a consultation, reach out to us via email at, or give us a call or text at (646) 328-6374.

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Dogs playing tug during daycare at Cassidy Ingram Dog Training
Daycare dogs enjoying the dog park - Cassidy Ingram Dog Training

About Us

Cassidy has cared for dogs her entire life. She got her first dog 7 years before she was born, and since then the only time she spent without a dog was the 2 months after she moved away from home (it was the worst).

Cassidy has been working with dogs professionally since 2016 and became a certified dog trainer in 2018 before starting her own dog training business in 2020. Drawing on her decades of personal, professional, and certified experience, Cassidy instructs all our trainers, daycare handlers, and dog walkers to treat our guests with the same love and care that she does.

All our team members have similar stories of their own, and bring over 100 combined years of dog-care experience to the table.

We also seek to improve ourselves every day. All team members receive continued training from our seasoned trainers, and our trainers constantly study the advancing field of dog training and care.

"Absolutely love Cassidy and her entire team. We use them weekly for private walks and pack walks and have never had an issue. We recently had a fantastic boarding experience with them as well. Our dog has some anxious quirks that we struggle with but Cassidy has always been understanding and accommodating. You can tell they all love the dogs they work with."


Dog Training Services 

We offer both private training and group classes.

Private training plans are fully customized, with the curriculum for each lesson plan being drafted specifically for your dog.

Group Classes are more standardized and cover the most common needs and goals for your pet (with a little wiggle room scheduled into the lesson plan to focus on each student's personal goals)

Puppy Training

Puppy Training Classes

Puppies need a lot of care, and we're here to help! Our puppy obedience class will provide you with all the tools you need for house training, and will teach your puppy essential skills for a healthy and happy life. We cover sit, down, come, leave it, drop it, stay, and leash manners in the course.

Our Free Puppy Social is a great place for your furry friend to develop social skills and confidence while being guided by one of our certified trainers.

Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Classes

During obedience training, you and your doggo will lay a strong foundation for an enjoyable life together. Strengthen your bond with fun activities that stimulate both physical and mental wellness!

Obedience 1 covers  essential skills like sitting, coming when called, and leash training. This is the perfect entry point for adolescent and adult dogs looking to get started on training.

We also offer more advanced dog obedience classes for those that have previously completed Obedience 1 with us, or have had equivalent training elsewhere.

Agility Training

Dog Agility Classes

Dog Agility Classes are a great way for dogs to exercise both mentally and physically. Deepen your bond with your dog while keeping them fit and sharp with this exciting sport!

We have our own private agility course we set up for our agility training. We use a wide array of obstacles, from the beginner's hoop jump to the more advanced weave poles.

Repeated jumping and twisting can be tough on developing joints, so only dogs 6 months and older are permitted to join Agility 1.  Only fully grown dogs (about 12 months of age) are permitted to join the more intense Agility 2.

Dog Walk

Private Dog

Are you struggling to handle your aggressive or reactive dog? Is your dog perfect except for one specific issue? Do you prefer private lessons in your home over group classes? Our experienced trainers are here to help!


We provide customized one-on-one sessions with you, your pup, and our trainer. Our private training plans are custom made for each dog to identify triggers, curb aggression and other unwanted dog behaviors, and foster better communication and understanding between you and your dog.

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