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Your Best Friend Deserves The Best

Experienced Dog Trainers & Caregivers - Affordable & Dependable


We offer a wide range of services to cater to the needs of dogs and their owners. From professional training to improve obedience and behavior, to daycare for socialization and playtime, to boarding for temporary stays, and to daily walks for exercise and fresh air, we are dedicated to providing high-quality care for all dogs in our care.

Dogs playing tug during daycare at Cassidy Ingram Dog Training
Daycare dogs enjoying the dog park - Cassidy Ingram Dog Training

Our Process

Dog owners on the Upper West Side looking to help their four-legged friends learn good behaviors have a great option with Cassidy Ingram Dog Training. We offer a wide array of services aimed at helping dog owners reach their pet's full potential. From basic obedience commands and agility course exercises to aggression and other behavioral issues, we are one of the go-to dog training services for many dog owners in Manhattan. And dog owners with young puppy members in the family are in luck; here at CIDT, we also specialize in providing well-rounded puppy training beyond what you would get from your average dog school.

Our certified dog trainers have years of experience and will make sure your pup learns the best doggie manners and skills so that you can enjoy life together. With our help, any pet parent and dog can have a better relationship and understanding of each other.

"Absolutely love Cassidy and her entire team. We use them weekly for private walks and pack walks and have never had an issue. We recently had a fantastic boarding experience with them as well. Our dog has some anxious quirks that we struggle with but Cassidy has always been understanding and accommodating. You can tell they all love the dogs they work with."


Training Services Breakdown

We offer both private training and group classes.

Private sessions will be more customized as it is a one-on-one with a dog trainer, dog owner, and dog. Below is our group classes:

Puppy Training

Puppy Training Classes

As puppy owners, we equip you and your pup with the tools they need to live a happy and healthy life! From socialization abilities to basic obedience commands – like sit, down stay etc. - this comprehensive class will cover all of the essentials for successful cohabitation at home and on the go.

Obedience Training

Dog Obedience Classes

During obedience training, you and your pup will learn how to lay a strong foundation for an enjoyable life together. Strengthen your bond with fun activities that stimulate both physical and mental wellness! Plus your dog trainer teaches basic skills like sitting, coming when called, and leash rules - just some of the many topics covered in this top-notch course. This is a perfect course if you are a first time dog owner. We offer a second level of obedience training once your well-trained dog is ready to move up. Please complete level 1 before moving on or call us directly!

Agility Training

Dog Agility Classes

In our agility dog training program, pups have a great time learning the unique tricks of this exciting sport. We teach them how to get used to new obstacles and then introduce some important shaping techniques that pave the way for mastering things like straight jumps, hoops, tunnels & pause tables in sometimes distracting environments!

Dog Walk

Reactivity Training

Struggling to handle your aggressive pup? Our experienced dog trainers are here to help! We will provide a customized one-on-one session with you, your pup, and a great trainer. In you sessions, we'll work to identify the triggers causing aggression. Once we have a good understanding, we will develop strategies that can improve the quality of life for both your and your canine best friend.

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