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Obedience 3

5 Week Course · $360

This class is not available this semester.

If you would like to see this class offered next semester, please CONTACT US or use the button below to let us know!

Class Details

Obedience 3 is about keeping your dog's focus on you regardless of distractions with advanced games and commands. This course covers:

  • Advanced training games and exercises like Musical Chairs and the Recall Gauntlet

  • Capturing your dog's attention around distractions

  • Releasing your dog's attention so they know when they can goof off

  • Advanced commands:

    • Heel

    • Middle (Sit at my feet)

    • Focus (Look at me)

    • Improved Recall and Go Place

Limit of 4 dogs per class

This class has a prerequisite of Obedience 2 or equivalent

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