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Puppy Obedience

5 Lessons · $80 each

Tuesdays 7:00pm-8:00pm

Please CONTACT US for exact dates on which lesson is coming up next

Class Details

Our Puppy Obedience class is a series of 5 independent lessons. Puppies are welcome to take as many or as few classes as you'd like, and students are welcome to join starting with any of our 5 lessons.

We sanitize our play area before each lesson, and only allow puppies to attend, so our Puppy Obedience class is safe for puppies that have not yet completed their vaccinations.

Lesson 1 - Recall

Lesson 2 - Sit/Down

Lesson 3 - Leave it/Take it

Lesson 4 - Leash Skills

Lesson 5 - Stay

Limit of 4 puppies per class

Puppies that complete all 5 lessons are considered graduates of Obedience 1. Puppies that enroll in all 5 lessons will receive a discount of 10% off the entire course

This course is open to all friendly dogs 6 months and younger and enrollment is ALWAYS OPEN

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